Jul 192011

A friend offered to take me dirt biking last weekend. After battling the flood road closures, we finally got there and it was a blast. After killing the engine about 30 times and getting drenched in my own sweat, we called it quits at about 1pm. That was about right too, the 95F / 80% humidity was getting to be a bit much. I would have to guess that we each drank about a gallon of water.

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Jul 102011
Brandon making some aluminum ingots.

Did some aluminum casting with Dave and Brandon a couple weekends ago (and just fixed media upload on my blog, hence the post delay). We learned a couple of important lessons about letting our furnace get too hot as well as avoiding casting on hot+humid days. Dave already has distilled down the photos and written a bit about it, so read more on Dave’s Tech Blog.

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