Jul 192011

A friend offered to take me dirt biking last weekend. After battling the flood road closures, we finally got there and it was a blast. After killing the engine about 30 times and getting drenched in my own sweat, we called it quits at about 1pm. That was about right too, the 95F / 80% humidity was getting to be a bit much. I would have to guess that we each drank about a gallon of water.

I really wish I had my camera when we got to the Missouri valley overlook. You could see most of the flooding in the river valley. All I got was a single picture of us at our tent.

I’m also thinking about using My Tracks to build a map of the area next time I’m out. Not sure if the GPS on my phone would be reliable enough, though. We’ll see.

After all that I’m starting to look at at getting my own motorcycle. It’s a lot of fun, I could do that every other weekend and not get bored of it, and not a terribly expensive hobby if you get used gear. The problem I’m thinking of right now is that I’ll need to get a pickup to haul the thing around in; That’s not so inexpensive.

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